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It’s time to head back to school with ABET LAMINATI!

We offer three continuing education seminars. Contact your local ABET LAMINATI Territory Manager for credit and scheduling information.

Exterior Grade Phenolic & Rainscreen Cladding Systems,” offers participants an examination of Exterior Grade Phenolic (EGP) including how and why it should be used to produce aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe rainscreen cladding systems.

Laminate…The Basics,” introduces the history and manufacturing process of High Pressure Laminte (HPL) and offers an overview on fabrication logistics and troubleshooting with the goal of educating the A&D Community on the methods that will allow for better design edges and top surfaces for the welfare of general public as well as a positive effect on building design.

How to Specify Compact Grade Laminate,” is an examination of Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) including how and why it should be specified to produce attractive, durable and effective toilet partitions, wall protection systems and other interior elements.