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Project Feature:  Laddawn, Inc. Headquarters – Devons, MA

Located in the Boston area, Maugel Architects is a full-service architectural and interior design firm that provides design services for everything from simple renovations to complex, multimillion-dollar construction projects. Increasingly, commercial building owners are calling on Maugel to retrofit existing buildings with more contemporary exteriors.


Recently, Maugel was engaged to design a contemporized addition to the exterior of a commercial building in Devens, MA which serves as headquarters for Laddawn, Inc., a manufacturer of plastic and film for packaging applications. The design renderings illustrated a faux wood pattern, so Maugel’s Cindi Cascio, the project’s architect, researched suitable materials and ultimately selected ABET Laminati’s MEG rainscreen panels for the project. “We do a lot of exteriors, so we were very familiar with rainscreen and exterior envelope design. We were looking for a faux wood to match the design and the color that we chose is absolutely beautiful [MEG woodgrain #604]. It follows the organic aesthetic we were seeking and MEG’s panel size is larger than competing products, so it allowed us to deliver the design we were looking for,” remarks Ms. Cascio. “I know the client wants to use it more around the building. In fact, now we’re building a duct screen and will utilize more [MEG] on the project.”


When researching MEG as an option, Ms. Cascio had some technical questions. To assist her with those questions, Cindi’s ABET sales representative put her in touch with Façade Labs, a fabricator who was ultimately hired to fabricate the panels. Art Kozyr of Façade Labs recalls, “It was great working with Cindi. She reached out to us with technical questions on flashing details around windows and for us, it’s always helpful when we can work hand-in-hand with architects to solve technical concerns before the work begins. This ensured the correct fabrication and installation down the road because field conditions that could have impacted the project were considered in advance. We were also able to discuss the insulation and vapor barrier that would be required to ensure a successful rainscreen application. We were really impressed Maugel’s beautiful design and the fluidity of the window-to-panel transition is a nod to that great design.


Perry Randazzo, owner at Lavada, Inc., the rainscreen panel installer for the project adds, “Laddawn headquarters looks like new construction, even though a good portion of the building existed before the addition, and this is a great achievement for any architect who works on a building.”


When asked if they would use MEG rainscreen panels for future projects, Brent Maugel comments, “we often get hired to change the exterior image of an existing building. MEG offers us an extensive line of rainscreen color options so we don’t have to compromise the existing building envelope. Many buildings in New England are concrete and brick face and clients who want a new contemporary look can apply this [MEG] to the face of their buildings without worrying about water infiltration.” Ms. Cascio adds, “I think phenolic panels gives us architects a lot of options. MEG can be used for interior signage, balcony guardrails or on the exterior. Its color range is organic and warm and provides a very finished looking product. It’s a nice change from metal panels.”

Product:                     MEG Woodgrain #604

Conceptual Design:   Brent Maugel, Maugel Architects

Project Architect:       Cindi Cascio, Maugel Architects

Fabricator:                 Art Kozyr, Façade Labs

Installer:                     Perry Randazzo, Lavada, Inc.

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