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Poole Table by GRT Architects Featuring ABET LAMINATI

Originally designed to complement GRT Architects’ renovation of an early 20th-century building designed by Thomas Henry Poole, this suite of tables continues their exploration of modest materials coupled with fine craftsmanship, bold color and unexpected proportions.

The tabletops are constructed of Baltic birch plywood sandwiched between two layers of high pressure laminate. Leaving the 2”-thick edges exposed, the plywood echoes the appearance of certain cuts of solid wood, such as the linear grain of old-growth heart pine. The legs and undercarriage, with their hexagonal geometry, are constructed of white oak.

Currently, there are three tables in the Poole Table family – Dining Poole, Coffee Poole and Side Poole Tables. All designs incorporate HPL by ABET LAMINATI, offered in eight vivid colors, with the same size legs and table thicknesses adjusted to coordinate with different heights and tabletop dimensions.

To learn more about the Poole Table, featuring ABET LAMINATI, please visit GRT Architects.

Photography by Bryan Ferry