MEG Partners with Roxul, Cosella-Dörken and Façade Labs for NAPHN 16 Conference & Expo

Together, Brands Deliver Comprehensive Building Solution That Meets Strict Demands of Passive House Energy Efficiency

Englewood, NJ: Abet Laminati, makers of Material Exterior Grade (MEG) high performance rainscreen cladding exterior wall panels, announced it will be showcasing its rainscreen solution at the Passive House NAPHN 16 Conference & Expo to be held in New York June 13-14, 2016 alongside strategic partners Roxul, Cosella-Dörken and Façade Labs to offer the building community a complete solution that meets the strict energy criteria required to achieve Passive House efficiency standards.

Passive building utilizes a comprehensive systems approach to achieve maximum levels of energy efficiency while delivering unmatched interior comfort and air quality. To achieve these efficiencies, a building’s envelope must have continuous insulation without any thermal bridging and be airtight to prevent infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air.

The rainscreen building system is a method of controlling rain penetration through a wall cladding system. Panels are attached to a fastening system that permits airflow between the panels and a building’s structural wall. These open joints allow for expansion and contraction of the panels and enable air pressure in the cavity behind the cladding to equal outside air pressure, resisting wind driven rain and other factors that can drive water into the building’s envelope such as gravity, kinetic surface tension and capillary action. Durable and fade resistant, MEG panels are designed to withstand rapid temperature shifts and harsh environments including prolonged exposure to direct sun, rain and sea salt. They don’t warp, splinter, crack, peel or delaminate, are non-corrosive and easy to maintain.

ROXUL COMFORTBOARD™ 110 is a rigid, high density, non-combustible, stone wool insulation board designed for use as an exterior continuous insulation in commercial applications. This thermally efficient, moisture resistant, vapor permeable board is effective against fire, moisture, thermal bridging and allows for superior drying potential.

Cosella-Dörken’s DELTA® VENT SA product goes over the sheathing and behind the mineral wool to serve as the primary air and water resistive barrier within the assembly. DELTA®-FASSADE S is then applied on top of the mineral wool as an additional water-resistive barrier for the open cladding. The watertight membrane is highly vapor permeable and extremely tear resistant, which helps protect the building enclosure from the possible damage of moisture infiltration and also helps the mineral wool maintain a higher R value. The matte black finish of DELTA®-FASSADE S enhances the aesthetics and beauty of the open joint system, providing a desirable 3D look designers strive for. DELTA®-FASSADE S is the only UV stable water-resistive barrier that is tested to and has passed ICC-AC38. This technologically advanced membrane withstands the rigors of jobsites, as well as tough wind and weather and is Class A fire-rated.

Designed and constructed by Façade Labs, conference attendees will be able to see a wall mock-up that utilizes MEG panels, ROXUL COMFORTBOARD™ 110 stone wool insulation and Cosella-Dörken DELTA®-FASSADE S water resistive barrier solution at the Roxul booth and ask questions of the fabrication experts at Façade Labs. “The combination of our products create a new, comprehensive rainscreen solution with no thermal bridging connection from interior to exterior, which will help a building qualify for passive house standards,” states David Klein, Vice President of Sales at Abet Laminati.

About ABET Laminati
Abet Laminati is a leading global manufacturer of interior laminates and exterior rainscreen panels. With the industry’s broadest range of colors, textures and patterns in laminate, including natural looking woodgrains and elegant metal substitutes, Abet Laminati provides design professionals with limitless possibilities for any space, whether it be hospitality, healthcare, corporate, education, retail or residential.

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About ROXUL Inc.
ROXUL Inc. is part of ROCKWOOL International of Denmark, the world’s leading producer of stone wool insulation made from natural stone and recycled slag. The ROCKWOOL Group was founded in 1937 and today employs over 9,800 people operating in 40 countries in a network of sales offices, distributors, partners, and factories. To date, there are 28 operating factories in 18 countries around the globe – with three of these factories being located in North America.

While Europe is the strongest region of ROCKWOOL’s group operations, important sales and production activities in North America and Asia are growing significantly ensuring the company’s products, systems, and solutions reach almost all parts of the globe.

About Cosella-Dörken
Cosella-Dörken delivers innovative, high-performance air and moisture barriers for Passive House construction under the DELTA® brand, based in Beamsville, Ontario, subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG, a leading European developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and drainage products. Cosella-Dörken delivers premium products, provides educational programs and full technical support.

About Façade Labs
Facade Labs is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated and ready to install rainscreen systems. With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, Façade Labs develops customizable prefabricated rainscreens by providing engineered prefabricated panels, hanging systems and fasteners in one package.