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Founded in Milan by Ettore Sottsass, the Memphis Group was an avant-garde group of Italian designers whose work often incorporated plastic laminate that featured designs inspired by art deco, pop art and kitsch themes. ABET Representative Grayson Braun recently visited the MET Breuer exhibit featuring Ettore Sotsass. Here is what she had to say about his work:

“Until this evening, my experience with the work of Ettore Sotsass‎ was limited to the images of various pieces of furniture that I first saw when I was in high school in the 80’s. Without any real understanding of who he was or what he symbolized, at that time in my life, his work struck me as completely and utterly revolutionary. The opening of The Met Breuer exhibit, ‘Ettore Sotsass: Design Radical’ not only brought me back to a certain time and place but also confirmed my original and almost three decade old opinion of the man I now know as Ettore Sotsass.

Tonight,for the first time in the 17-and-a-half years I have worked at ABET I was able to see original Sotsass pieces accompanied by objects that served as his inspiration. The exhibit, which showcased furniture, ceramics, textiles and even jewelry spanned Sotsass’ sixty year career. It also highlighted the enormous influence he has on designers working today‎.

The condition of the pieces clad in ABET are a true testament to the quality of the materials and workmanship used in their creation. They are beautifully constructed and illustrate perfectly how laminate, when used thoughtfully and constructed with care, can truly stand the test of time.”

Photos © The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photographed by Anna-Marie Kellen