Stratificato HPL

Stratificato HPL is a material that offers excellent qualities, both functional and aesthetic. Its resistance to wear and vapour, its hygienic properties as well as its versatility in machining and assembly make it the ideal material for self-supporting furniture systems. Ideal for all applications where strength and design need to be combined, Stratificato HPL, which can be supplied in different typologies, is the most qualitatively reliable material and the one with the most extensive aesthetic potential also for building contemporary design in general. Traditional walls can easily be completely replaced with partitions in Stratificato HPL, which optimise space while minimising maintenance. Stratificato HPL maintains its aesthetic and performance characteristics for the entirety of its life cycle. The core is made up of layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with phenolic resins; the surface by one or more layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins, providing the decorative function bonded together by high pressure process in compliance with the standard EN 438:2005 – Part 4.
Natural variations in temperature and humidity have no adverse effect on the properties of Stratificato HPL, and do not affect the appearance or the properties of the panel that shrinks at low humidity and expands at high humidity. For this reason the material should be conditioned at the installation site.
The compactness of Stratificato HPL provides an excellent combination of mechanical properties such as flexural, tensile, compressive strength and impact resistance. Stratificato HPL is homogeneous and of high density; this favours the retention of fasteners, such as screws and inserts.
Renewable raw materials represent a significant percentage of its composition.