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Chic New Look for Historic Building

Fairfax, VA business, TEEL Construction, Inc. wanted to give their 1970’s colonial building a modern facelift. They worked with the architects at Cowie Associates to create a design that was not only affordable, but would also be able to withstand the rigorous approval process of the City of Fairfax’s architectural review board.  They opted for a paneled façade that allowed for a contemporary feel without being glossy or metallic. Since some of the original brick would be exposed on all sides, MEG Woodgrain #754 was selected, as the wood look complimented the red brick well and provided overall warmth to the building.

“We sought a design that looks to the future but also respects the history of this building and the City of Fairfax. Additionally, we needed a lightweight and easy to install product that would enhance the existing building envelope without putting a strain on it. MEG fit the bill perfectly and we are really happy with the end product,” said Chris Cowie.

Spencer Teel, Vice President at TEEL, oversaw the installation of MEG onto the building and found the support literature and technical assistance provided by MEG to be very helpful. “The panels were cut to the exact size we needed and we experienced perfect joint alignment. Façade Labs, who did the fabrication, was very responsive to our needs.”

The project was well-received by the city and celebrated with a visit from the mayor.

Product:                     MEG Woodgrain #754

Conceptual Design:   Chris Cowie, Cowie Architects PC

Project Architect:       Chris Cowie, Cowie Architects PC

Fabricator:                 Art Kozyr, Façade Labs

Installer:                    TEEL Construction, Inc.

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