Attitude is everything…but a stunning locker room starring ABET LAMINATI doesn’t hurt!

More than simply a space to lace skates, dress for the ice and store equipment, this new UMass locker room offers an immersive environment that houses all the amenities players need to succeed as student-athletes in the 21st century. Beyond the usual showers, lockers and exercise room, this renovated space includes a nutrition area, recuperation space and player’s lounge.

The space is built to last: stainless steel custom lockers — individually ventilated —hardwood benches and UMass maroon compact grade laminate wall panels by ABET LAMINATI (1885 Sei) are designed to take a beating without losing their luster. Metal mesh ceiling panels connect with a sleek, curved soffit that mirrors the continuous bench and incorporates stainless signage.

The combination of high-end materials, branding, lighting and audio make for a theatrical experience on gameday and helps recruits feel the excitement of life as a UMass Minuteman.

Contact your local ABET LAMINATI Territory Manager to learn more about Stratificato or to schedule our AIA/IDCEC Seminar or AAA/AIBC, “How to Specify Compact Grade Laminate.”


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George Kiel interviews Greg Carvel, UMass Hockey Head Coach and Dan Ollila, Senior Associate at Jones Architecture.

Photography by Horne Visual Media; Belmont, Massachusetts