Abet Laminati launches its new 2016-2018 Color Collection February 2016

ENGLEWOOD, NJ – Abet Laminati, Inc., a leading decorative laminate manufacturer for over 50 years, is kicking off 2016 with a new collection of interior laminates, scheduled to debut in February.
The New 2016-2018 Collection features over 350 U.S. stocked colors and patterns, 300 exclusive special order options and a wide range of stunning textures to offer designers the versatility they require to be most innovative.
“We’ve done some fine-tuning of our main product line of laminates to better balance the luxury of our Italian craftsmanship with the practical needs of our customers,” said David Klein, Vice President of Sales at Abet. “We now have a remarkable collection of surfacing solutions that can enrich any design project, regardless of budget and time constraints.”

With the industry’s broadest range of colors, textures and patterns, including natural looking woodgrains and elegant metal substitutes, Abet Laminati provides design professionals with limitless possibilities for any space, whether it be hospitality, healthcare, corporate, education, retail or residential. Quick delivery on stocked colors and a competitive pricing model deliver even more flexibility for architects, designers and contractors.

The New 2016-2018 Collection will be available at us.abetlaminati.com beginning in February, 2016.

To learn more, contact Abet Laminati, Inc. at 1.800.228.2238 or your Abet representative.

Abet Laminati – 2016>2018 Collection